Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Reflection on how class went:

It was really neat to hear everyones manifesto, gave you more to think about in relation to how you will present your views and ideas. I really enjoyed the summing up of the manifesto with just five words. It lets you get to the root and core of your ideals what are you trying to do.

My manifesto:

I wish to, in the least amount of effort, show life for what I live it to be. Meaningless. Emptiness filled with petty belongings and inflated sense of purpose. Hubris rationality clouds natural rationality and I want to build around the empty indifference. A lack of hindsight a theory of creation and not destruction is what clutters our limited attention spans and spills over to the many externalities. If our creations destroy then what will our destructions do. Create? If anything nothing from us gives way to something from what we aren’t plants, animals, earth, ocean. A shelter and a catharsis. Like so many before us we must pack more convention and traditions in the garbage. I call for nihilism and anarchism in our fundamentals. My focus is our shelters. Emptiness that has been filled; history becomes white noise, reinventing the wheel leaves your independence guided and expression compressed. Through architecture I seek to make the ‘art’ of architecture itself null. The pure absurdity of our existence I wish to reflect in the minimal approach of architecture. Lines and curves found to be stripped down of all that is hubristic in its aesthetic justifications. Presented as nothing more than what they are and even less if possible. My pillars are not to rival the redwoods but instead to be dwarfed and made insignificant, for its only shelter.